BIM for everyone, not just for the engineering staff.
With ERA MD2 from welders to the CEO can use BIM Technology
Complete traceability piece by piece and in real time!
The most cost-effective method to control your production, transportation and erection processes
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ERA MD2 is a platform comprised of a set of digital applications used for the management, traceability, information processing, and planning of any civil work, construction, or assembly process.

ERA MD2 is a system that expands and complements the BIM (Building Information Modeling) capabilities of other systems commonly used in the industry.


The system uses several methods to connect the company's processes from the definition and detailing of an element to its elaboration, handling, transportation, and erection of the building.

The system can adapt to the needs of each client, allowing them to define the work routes and the necessary information management needs at each point in the process.

In addition, the system can generate individual reports according to the client's needs, document management and approval, and the ability to communicate any event to the different associates/contributor in charge of the process.

The system is a multi-user-multi-project with an entire administration scheme to work with multiple industries of different sizes.

ERA MD2 Parallel BIM
is built with the whole team in mind. Meaning you don´t have to pay per-user license.

You pay per project having as many users as you require.

This allows everybody in the company, and even outside the company (clients, subcontractors, external supervisors), to input data when needed, from the management to the Iron workers, from the site engineer to the painters —all the people updates information.

ERA MD2 Parallel BIM

tracks what is happening in real-time. If your team is recording information, everybody can see the updates quickly. This allows your team, customer, and contractors to know what is happening and why.

It is easy to create personalized reports, share information with different people, and restrict access depending on a need-to-know basis. All the data is there. You decide how to use it.

ERAMD2 Parallel BIM System Video

ERA MD2 Parallel BIM is available wherever you go. The cloud base system can be accessed from any computer, tablet, or mobile without limitations.

As the product works per project and not per user, you don’t need to worry about licensing costs.

This allows everybody in the company and out of it to be aware of what is happening and track the progress of the whole project or piece by piece. Your customer can be part of this group, tracking the progress and checking the most updated information.

Differences between

from other options:

• ERA MD2 is a Parallel BIM system, thus, it works side-by-side with what we call the source BIM software (Tekla, Advance Steel, or others)

• The original model comes from the source BIM software and is exported to the Parallel BIM System, ERA MD2.

• Once the model is imported to ERA MD2, the control of the project is managed from there.

• The system has, in practice, unlimited users in the company but also out of it (clients, subcontractors, external supervision, etc.)

• The system runs on the cloud, ,so there is no need for software download and installation.

• It runs on any device with a web connection (cellphone, raspberry, tablet, laptop, computer)

• Different profiles, simpler for skilled hand workers and more complex for others. Anyone can provide data and get information from the system (from Iron workers to manager positions)

• We can control any area as needed: Production, quality control, engineering, financial, subcontracting, invoicing, and any data that could be useful for the company.

• In ERA MD2 is very easy and cost-effective to get real-time data.

• Once we have efficiently gathered the data, ERA MD2 helps us use this data efficiently and visually.

• Any report, warning, spreadsheet, chart, graphic, etcetera, can be customized as needed.

• The fee is just for an active project; there is no initial investment.


Yes, it is. ERA MD2 works from the BIM model developed in the source BIM software.
The information is stored on several servers all over the world, making the system easy and fast to access.
Yes, it is. The software will always run-on ERA’s server, but the database could be hosted on any client’s server.
In most of the software, it is. Some adjustments are needed in the setups of the software, but usually, it is not a big issue. Our team could help you with that.
Yes, it does. ERA can work with the current label system of the client, if any, or generate its labels. The labels can have either barcode of the marks or the ID of the pieces.
There are several advantages to updating to ERA MD2, as follows:
1) Control the use and cost of raw materials, supplies, and consumables
2) Reduction of leftovers to up to 3% by using nesting automatically connected with your warehouses.
3) Increase the overall equipment effectiveness o your CNC equipment by up to 30%.
4) Cost breakdown in real time and piece by piece.
5) Production scheduling and automatic report of progress.
Any files are allowed; the system does not recognize the file type, just organizes them. Storage of 200 MB for every project is available. (if needed, more storage capacity is available for an extra fee).
No, it does not. ERA MD2 can be used in any area where a BIM model is done, and some assemblies are built in the shop and installed at the site. We have clients specializing in modular buildings, prefabricated façade systems, and precast concrete structures. Also, it can be used in piping unless we do not have any clients in this area yet.
It depends on the preferences of the client. Any device with a web connection could be a collector data point. Still, generally speaking, we recommend putting some, what we call, Control ERA Stations, which consist of a Raspberry, a keyboard, a mouse, and a barcode reader. This equipment could be installed on a shelf or a small table. The average cost of a station like that is about 500 dollars. Sometimes it also is recommended to buy a printer for labeling.


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